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What's in the updates?

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Enhancement =     Fix =
Note: Alpha and Beta Testing mean that the update
is not yet available as a general update.

Version 2.0.18 - In alpha testing: 09-06-2005
  Replaced audio code in Passage Presentation to run better
  Presentation menu can run with low user access

Version 2.0.17 - In beta testing: 09-03-2005
  New main menu interface, enhancements to project builder too
  Search window stays on top until closed
  Search window was bringing up items that didnt apply
  PAF Import fixed when Passage couldnt handle null characters

Version 2.0.16 - In beta testing: 08-26-2005
  Added AVI movie creation capability
  Just after import, sometimes get *Cant find image* in slideshow creatr
  Fixed some problems when deleting folders (read-only, etc)

Version 2.0.15 - Available since: 08-15-2005
  Right-click menu added for rich text boxes
  Added support for PAL (in addition to NTSC) video types
  Quick loading of auto-run project
  Drifting link-style buttons fixed
  comma-decimal regional setting now supported

Version 2.0.14 - Available since: 08-16-2005
  Run-time error fixed when sending image to back
  Fixed glitch when changing button from text to image FrontPageDesigner
  Can disable automatic indexing of items in a folder
  Will sort items by title upon request
  Include slideshow movie files in Project Space Used calculation
  'Project Space Used' is now more accurate.
  Added 'New Folder' creation button to Other Publishing Options
  Space needed was calculating wrong when burning CDs and DVDs
  Right-click the 'Project Space Used' to refresh it

Version 2.0.13 - Available since: 07-31-2005
  Fix for adding pictures

Version 2.0.12 - Available since: 07-29-2005
  Projects over 2 Gigabytes now OK to burn/export
  Titles now optionally appear in slideshow
  TIF pictures can now be viewed on finished disc

Version 2.0.08 - Available since: 07-23-2005
  Fixed problem

Version 2.0.06 - Available since: 07-19-2005
  Fixes with Problem Playing Sound and FHCD imports
  Basic Automatic Slideshow complete

Version 2.0.03 - Available since: 07-12-2005
  Finished customizing for resellers

Version 2.0.02 - In beta testing: 07-11-2005
  No longer closes down after burning a disc
  More tips added

Version 1.0.53 - Available since: 07-04-2005
  Various fixes

Version 1.0.43 - Available since: 06-13-2005
  Lots of little fixes and enhancements

Version 1.0.41 - Available since: 06-10-2005
  Misc fixes
  Ability to adjust button text orientation

Version 1.0.38 - Available since: 06-09-2005
  Object List in front page designer
  Windows Explorer SendTo now works

Version 1.0.20 - Available since: 06-07-2005
  New Splash Screen

Version 1.0.19
  Space Equally Horizontally
  Tips of the Day